Good News From the Future: Physical Theatre by the over-60s

Good News From The Future (GNFTF) is dedicated to exploring, developing and presenting eccentric, carefree and collaborative approaches to physical expression: that are suitable – or entirely unsuitable – for our years.

We create witty, moving, demanding, intimate and surprising performances that involve bold, distinctive and idiosyncratic structured improvisation and choreographed rule-based movement.

In a playful style, laced with fizzing humour and driven by a sense of fun, our performers rub shoulders and exchange energies in exuberant combinations of solos, duets and freewheeling group actions, gestures and entanglements: encountering, following, supporting, copying, mirroring, modelling, each other.

Good News From The Future values and celebrates the experience and creative potential of older bodies, and the wisdom and adventurousness of time-travelled heads.

Seizing the time and giving it a good shake!

Current and Upcoming:

Sunday Improvisations in Thompson’s Park

Members of Good News From The Future meet every Sunday morning between 10.30 and 11.30 a.m. in Thompson’s Park, Cardiff, to perform improvised works. For more information: Sunday Improvisations

Observers are most welcome. Please bring your own personal soundtrack to accompany the work. For directions see here.

16 May 2021; video: Gordon Plant.

Recent works:

Sunday Walk and Sunday Stick

In 2020 GNFTF created two pieces of improvised outdoor performance work: Sunday Walk and Sunday Stick.

Compilation of Sunday Walk and Sunday Stick (2020); video: Gordon Plant

Zooming In

In 2021 GNFTF met regularly on Zoom to create improvised online performance work: Zooming In.

April 2021 – click on image for video link.

Photos: from top, left to right: © Gordon Plant; Kirsten McTernan; Gordon Plant; Michael Harvey; Kirsten McTernan; Gordon Plant; Kirsten McTernan; John Rowley. Videos: © Gordon Plant; GNFTF.

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