Sunday Stick

Sunday Stick extended the rule-based, improvisational work in Sunday Walk achieved in our regular Sunday morning sessions in Thompson’s Park in Cardiff, with the addition of walking sticks and umbrellas to support, extend and frame the body.

Sunday sticks were the golf enthusiasts’ answer to the discouragement of golfing on Sundays in Scotland. Clubs were disguised as walking sticks and on country walks golfers would reverse the stick to play a few strokes.

Going for a walk together, in pairs, in groups: copying and emulating, playing a few strokes.

Always keeping two metres apart.

(ca. 20 minutes)

Kevin Lewis, Sunday Stick in Machynlleth, 15 November 2020

Videos [Please listen to a soundtrack of your own choice whilst watching]

Sunday 11 October 2020, Thompson’s Park, Cardiff

Sunday 18 October 2020, Thompson’s Park, Cardiff

Sunday 15 November 2020, Thompson’s Park, Cardiff


2020: October – November, Thompson’s Park, Cardiff.

Videos: © Gordon Plant; Photo: © Sarah Argent.